Thursday, November 2

This is tired, and so am I

This blog is retired. Please find me at my new one,
Thank to all of those who read.

Wednesday, August 9

Work On Me?

I'm in a hurry, but this needs to be here.

MSTRKRFT - Work On You (Para One Remix)

Gotta go!

Thursday, July 20

You live for the evening because it's the best part of the day

Lately, I've been receiving e-mails from reps with mp3 attachments ; songs that they think I might be interested in, and I assume, would want to remark about here. I love that idea. I hope it prompts me do this type type typing think more more more more more more.
The other day, DJ dj Dylan send me just such a note (which included "yes two djs don't ask haha") about his recent remix work as Le Castle Vania. New Jade Tree signee's, Snowden, just had their track "Black Eyes" given the remix treatment.

Try it here:
Snowden - Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania Remix)

Even my girlfriend says she likes it...

Another email I got was from Chris Chinchilla (ch ch ch), a founding member of Art Brut (he has since left). His new band, Macaca Mulatta, have just finished up on some demos, including this one:

Macaca Mulatta - Dancing On A Weeknight

One last thing...

Young Knives - Weekends and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)

What a fantastic song. And with this apparent heatwave coming through town, this might be fitting...

Saturday, July 15


This young lady placed first in the Miss Hoosegow 2006 Competition. A contest where a felony was required for entry. Check it.

Check this:
Small Sins - Stay (Radio 4 Remix)
Small Sins used to be known as Ladies And Gentlemen. They released an album titled Small Sins. And now that's their bandname. Wierd, huh?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts - Peaches Remix)
One of the few Peaches remixes that doesn't include her vocals. Good idea.

New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream
The best song right the fuck now.
The first second makes me think of Michael Jackson. But only for that second.

Monday, July 10

Another Leaked Rapture Track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11one

The Rapture - Get Myself Into It
I have been told to remove this track.
I have obliged.
But with this song as an indication, this album will be fantastic.
Please support great artists and great music, and buy the songs and albums you like!
I imagine I'm not the only one who whould love a taste of what's to come...

You can check out their Myspace page for a streaming source of the song.

The Rapture:
Official Site

For those with a sickening interest in Radiohead, go to "to die by your side" for a cover of "Knives Out" performed by The Flaming Lips.

the revolution will be televised...

Monday, June 26

Maybe I'm a Fool...

Dreams - Tv On The Radio feat. Trent Reznor and Peter Murphy

During their current tour, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) have been performing radio shows, all small and intimate and shit. This stop, in Washington, also featured Tv On The Radio, whos is opening for NIN (I could not ask for more. Well, maybe a tourdate near me).

Wednesday, June 21

Where the fuck were you?

Who, me?

Nowhere. Just lazy. These things happen. My interest wanes, and I don't wanna pretend anymore. Since it's been so long, will you even see this?
I hope so, because I have some excellent music to share.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Turn Into (Nick Zinner Remix)

The Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix)

Justice - Let There Be Light (Demo)

Maybe you'll get more out of me later, I have to go fight the local Macs store for my 12 bux back. (lame story; I was double charged on my debit card).

Wednesday, June 7

For Me a Nightmare is a Black Horse.

So I went to see Bright Eyes on Sunday. This is some of the most important music to me. To see the show was very special, and the fact that Conor and Co. really surprised me with some of the more obscure but personal favorite songs (We are Free Men, June on the West Coast [which I found cute, due to it being June, and me travelling to a concert on the west coast]...) was very pleasing. some not pleasing points of the trek were that my car's engine gave up on life completely, about 45 minutes into the four hour drive. After a VERY FUCKING EXPENSIVE TOW back to Kelowna, We made it just in time to catch a Greyhound. This would be a Greyhound that would get us to the show just in time. I've honestly never gone to so much trouble to do anything in my life. Well, anyway, I would say that the (slightly short; about 1:20:00 long) show was very much worth it for me. I even got a copy of the setlist (which i left in Van, but will hopefully have returned to me.)

It all started with the kinda-funny, kinda-cool, kinda-entertaining Gruff Rhys (pronounced Griff Reese) of Super Furry Animals fame. This one-man-show involved upside-down strung acoustic guitars, live vocal loops, toy tweeting birds, both English and Welsh languages, and little toy keyboards. Here is one photo of Gruff (with on-looker, Mike Mogis in the background):

Now I'm tired of typing. So, I'll just show you some photos that I took, and share a very poor quality video of a brand new song, which I will call, "Soul Singer":

I suppose the trip really was worth it. It's just, now I'm really depressed.

Friday, June 2

The Horny Truth

So I was peeking around on Soulseek, trying to find some older Hawnay Troof (more an that later), when I stubbled upon a great surprise. A good quality copy of MSTRKRFT's "Paris" and (and!) their new remix, Polysics' "Ceolakanth Is Android" (be warned, it's sourced from their MySpace page, so the quality isn't super great)! This copy of Paris replaces my old one, a version ripped from an online radio show they did. So super stoked for the album!


Polysics - Ceolakanth Is Android (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Ahh, Hawnay Troof. Hawnay Troof is Vice Cooler (aka Chris Touchton from XBXRX) comin out of Oakland, California. This is hip-hop/crunk mixed with punk rock sneer, sprinkled with a bit of glitch, while being denied its A.D.D. drugs (think M.S.I., The Services). I love it.

His new single, "Out Of Teen", is the subject of a contest. Download the songs parts and make your own remix! More info here.

Hawnay Troof - Bad News From The Stars

Hawnay Troof - We R We

You can get most of his albums at eMusic (digitally) or from Retard Disco (CD/LP)
As for other Hawnay love, check out 20JazzFunkGreats and Bigstereo (which features HT's cover of Bjork's "It's In Our Hands").

Tuesday, May 30

Give Me Feist in 1994

I am a huge fan of PJ Harvey, and it's VERY blatant that in 1993, Leslie Feist (better known as simply Feist) was a huge fan as well. She was also likely obsessed with Sonic Youth. I can make this assumption based upon listening to 1994's "Don't Drink the Bathwater" by a band called Placebo. And, fuck no this is not the Placebo I'm talking about. I'm talking about an almost un-heard of Canadian rock group who recorded a 7-song EP (and I'm pretty sure nothing else) in 1994 (ironically, the same year that the Placebo of Britain formed. [note for m1k3: maybe 'women's fertility-related words' were 1994's "wolf" or "bird"]). This heavy rock group featured none other than Leslie Feist on vocals. I can't believe how blown away I am by this EP. I'm not blown away because the music is very good, I guess the big reason why I'm blown away is because of how fucking hot and rocking this 18-year-old version of Feist must've been!

Anyway. I'd just like you to listen to track one (album one) of PJ Harvey's Rid of Me, and then try track two (album one) of Placbeo's Don't Drink the Bathwater. It's amazing how much you will hear that screams "rip-off", both musically and lyrically.

PJ Harvey - Rid of Me

Placebo - Back Down the Same Way

If you want the EP, you can get it free, along with the album art here. (Might as well grab it this way. Can't even find it on eBay.)